Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. Where is your office? For convenience, Dr. Johnston will see patients in their homes.

2. What if patients are from out of town, or prefer to be seen in an office setting? Presently, Dr. Johnston will care for his out-of-town patients through tele-medicine (by phone, facetime, or skype) and those patients may be more likely to need to go to E.R. or Urgent Care.

3. What's your practice area? Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas.

4. Will you give vaccines? If patients prefer vaccination, they will be referred to the Health Department. He discourages getting vaccines made from aborted fetal tissue, and the pros and cons of other vaccines require a face-to-face conversation with patients.

5. Will you take insurance? No. Payment is by automatic monthly credit card or bank account withdrawal. 

6. Will you see patients in the hospital? No, but in 15 years of practicing medicine Dr. Johnston has learned the skill of keeping patients out of the hospital most of the time. 

7. What kind of medicine do you practice? See the list on the right of the home page

8. Will you see patients for acute care? If Dr. Johnston is available, he will provide acute care for patients. He will provide care as much as possible by skype, facetime, or phone for the patient's convenience. 

9. Do you require extra pay for problems that require frequent visits? No, but patients will be billed for supplies such as a suture kit or an antibiotic shot. 

10. How far will you travel away from Charlotte? Dr. Johnston will travel up to 35 minutes away from the 485 beltway. He will only travel further if there are several families in that area signed up. 

11. Can prospective patients have a free visit? No. 

12. Can established patients cancel at any time? Yes. But you may not be able to rejoin later. 



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