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Do NOT Contact Dr. J Until You Have Read This:

1. Will you prescribe ivermectin for COVID-19? Yes, he will. He adheres to the protocols of the FLCCC for outpatient COVID-19 infections. Sign up here.

2. Where is your office? For convenience, Dr. Johnston will see family practice patients in their homes. One-time consults will be handled via phone and/or email. Out-of-town patients can schedule to see Dr. Johnston via phone or Skype, or in a Charlotte hotel lobby, or restaurant, or even at the county library. 

3. Will you take patients from out of town in his family practice? Presently, Dr. Johnston will care for his out-of-town patients through telemedicine (by phone, facetime).

4. What's your practice area? Charlotte, North Carolina. He will only travel up to 30 minutes outside the Charlotte beltway. He provides tele-medicine and medical one-time consults to patients all over the United States.

5. Will you give vaccines? If patients prefer vaccination, they will be referred to the Health Department. He discourages getting vaccines made from aborted fetal tissue, and the pros and cons of other vaccines require a face-to-face conversation with patients.

6. Will you take insurance? No. Payment is by automatic monthly credit card or bank account withdrawal. *(Insurance doesn't pay well for primary care anyway.)

7. Will you see patients in the hospital? No, but in two decades of practicing medicine Dr. Johnston has learned the skill of keeping patients out of the hospital most of the time. 

8. Will you see patients for acute care? If Dr. Johnston is available, he will provide acute care for patients. He will provide care as much as possible by phone for the patient's convenience. 

9. Do you draw blood and does it cost extra? Dr. Johnston will draw your labs at no cost at regular appointments, or he will email you a lab order that you can take to Labcorp to get your blood drawn. You'll receive a separate bill from Labcorp for the cost of performing those tests.

10. Can prospective family practice patients have a free visit? No. But you can schedule a free Q & A at the top of the home page.

11. Can established family practice patients cancel at any time? The minimum sign-up is for 6 months. Then you may cancel.

12. Will your rates increase? Yes. Established patients are grandfathered in at the lower rates until their payment card expires or their bank refuses payment for whatever reason. Once your card expires or your bank rejects payment, you will have to sign back up at the increased rate. 

13. Will you call "One-Time Consults" on the phone? Usually, that's not necessary. Most of the time, he can meet your needs from your answers to his initial email with important medical questions. 

14. Will you write for mask exemptions and vaccine exemptions? Yes, for established patients and one-time consults, but only if indicated.


NOTE: This "Contact Me" form is primarily for strangers inquiring about Dr. Johnston's practice, not paying customers. He does not check this inbox daily. Paying customers should text Dr. Johnston or make an appointment by clicking "Established Patients" on the home page. 

CONTACT DR. JOHNSTON - Do NOT contact Dr. Johnston until you have read the above.

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