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30 pounds of fat = 2 packs cigarettes/day

Do you know your BMI? Did you know it's a great estimate of how long you'll live?

Calculate it here. My BMI is 29.3, which is categorized as "Overweight." I'm about 30 pounds overweight!

I've shared this statistic with patients many times, but the HOPE Trial, which looked at tens of thousands of patients for decades, associated habits like smoking and health qualities like obesity with life expectancy. They discovered being more than 30 pounds overweight shortens your life as much as if you smoked 3 packs a day!

To be exact, smoking 1-2 packs per day shortens your life 5-8 years, depending on how much you smoke.

Being 30 pounds or more overweight shortens your life by 7 years.

7 years!

Just being 10 pounds overweight shortens your life by 3 years! I think I'd look pretty darn good at 190. But even at 190, that 10 pound roll that would still flop over my belt would still cost 3 years of my life.

If diet and exercise alone aren't cutting it, there's some great weight loss meds out there. Make an appointment and lets get you into that dress you haven't worn since high school. And add years to your life in the process!

Check out an article I wrote this month: "Why Most Doctors Don't Recommend Diet & Exercise Anymore."

James P. Johnston, D.O.

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