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ANOTHER COVID SHUTDOWN MAY BE COMING! Also, How to Access Family Practice Services Efficiently

For your average family doctor's office, if you need a medication or have symtpoms, you call the office. A staff member answers. They will answer questions, make an appointment if necessary, or take a note and put it on the doctor's desk with your medical chart. Sooner or later, he or she gets to it.

My direct primary care practice is light on the staff side to keep costs down for you. It helps me be more competitive in the market place and helps you save money. I'm about half the cost of my nearest competitor, and that's to see their Nurse Practitioner! To see that practice's doctor costs even more. They have a large staff and a big mortgage on a big building, so their overhead's more. They take insurance so they need to see a lot of patients a day to make sure their profit exceeds their large overhead.

I practiced traditional medicine like that for years with a large staff and big building, and I hated racing down halls to see patients fast with a full waiting room. "The natives are restless," is what my office manager would say when all the rooms were full and the waiting room was teeming with patients frustrated because of the long wait. Believe me, it is not near as enjoyable for me, and neither for my patients, I believe. Instead of seeing 50 patients a day, I see about 5 families a day. So my patients have a lot more time with me if they need it. A lot more personalized care. And they don't have to wait in a germ-filled waiting room for an hour for their ten minute appointment, because I see them in their home.

(There's not a lot of doctors like me, and if my practice fills up, you may have to go to a vaccine-promoting physician to get care for you and your family. The two largest medical conglomerates in Charlotte, North Carolina, require all their physicians to kick patients out of their practice if they don't get all the shots. So please, if you've been dragging your feet about becoming a patient, or are a former patient, please consider re-joining.)

I also do a lot of work via telemed to provide care quickly and efficiently for my patients, and when I'm available I'll provide after-hours care. My patients get my cell phone. I don't know any primary care doctors who do that. The cost of you taking one child to the E.R. for stitches can be the cost of me taking care of your whole family for a year, and I'll take care of the stitches too!

All that being said, there's some things you need to remember to utilize my services efficiently.

1. If you have an urgent need, texting is better than calling, because I might be with a patient or on another call or having dinner with my family.

2. When you text, give your name and birthdate. Don't assume I have your chart with me. If it's during the day, I probably will be driving to patient appointments. If you think you might need an antibiotic, text me your drug allergies too. That data is very helpful to respond efficiently and quickly to your needs.

3. Don't give my phone number to others. If you are so kind as to refer my practice to friends and family, please send them to my website.

4. If you are about to run out of a medication for a chronic illness (like hypertension, diabetes, depression, low testosterone, etc.) or if you want a refill on your ivermectin because of the new COVID strain threatening, don't text me. Go to the website and make an appointment. You can specify in the comment section while making the appointment that it's a phone appointment. I'll need your chart before me, I'll need to make sure your labs are up-to-date, and I'll have to ask you some questions and document your answers. Don't wait until you're almost out of meds! You running out of meds for your chronic disease because you didn't realize you didn't have any more refills is not my emergency.

5. I don't respond to pharmacy requests for med refills. It'd bad medicine, in my opinion. I refill meds for patients for as long as I want to refill it, and then I need to reevaluate, or get labs, or ensure there are no side effects, and document all that. So I work with patients for med refills, not pharmacies. So if the pharmacy informs you that you don't have any refills but, "Don't worry, we'll fax your doctor a request for refills" what you need to do is go home and make an appointment with me. But I will not respond to the pharmacy request for refills.

6. Most of the time when you go to the website, it doesn't require you to sign in because it remembers who you are. If you're an established patient, you can click the "established patient" link and make an appointment. It's that simple. But occasionally, it asks you to pick a plan and asks you to pay even though you're already an established patient. That's because the website has kicked you off and hasn't signed you in automatically. So if that happens, simply go to home page and sign in again. (See image below.) If after you put your username and password it, it then asks you to pay again, your card has expired or your bank/credit card company has refused payment for some reason. (See #7.)

7. Sometimes patients receive a cancellation notice in the mail. That's an automated email when your credit card has expired or your bank or credit card company has refused payment. If that happens, don't contact me. And don't update your credit card info on the website, because it won't resume my services. First, contact your bank/credit card company and ask why they refused payment, and tell them that it's a legit purchase. Then, let me know, because what I have to do is delete your data on 2 websites so that you can sign up again as a new patient.

8. To prevent that from happening, before your credit card expires, you can update your credit card payment on the website. That'll prevent you from getting that stressful cancellation email, or wanting to make an appointment and being unable to.

9. On Mondays and on Thursdays, you can make an appointment with me or Kaitlyn Barnett, my gifted Nurse Practitioner. To specify, click "staff member". Then pick your provider from the pull down menu. See image beside.



There's an uptick in COVID infections. There's some prediction that another lockdown is coming. Another vaccine mandate and another mask mandate.

Most people have some immunity to previous infections, and so that's their best friend against the next pandemic. But this pathogen mutates quickly and some people will get reinfected. And the COVID swab tests are notoriously inaccurate.

So if you have significant morbidities that increase your risk of a negative outcome, make an appointment to discuss getting on prophylactic, biweekly Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine. (You may specify a phone appointment when you make the appointment.) If you don't have any comorbidities but would like a course of Ivermectin, text me your name, date of birth, and weight. I will call it into Dilworth Drugs in Charlotte and they'll contact you when its ready. They can even ship it to you if you're in North Carolina.

Recently, an attorney for the FDA admitted in court that it has always been permissible for physicians to be able to prescribe Ivermectin for COVID-19. (Snopes confirms this.) However, I know from a personal experience this is a lie. Twice doctors have complained to the N.C. Medical Board that I prescribed the non-FDA approved COVID treatment Ivermectin to their COVID-infected patients. Thank God, I won those cases, but I know many who've lost their licenses for prescribing Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine for COVID patients. Even so, the evidence is overwhelming that both Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine reduce the morbidity and mortality for COVID-19. In my opinion, the Frontline Critical Care COVID Physicians Alliance is still the best thinktank on this subject, and I would encourage you all to broadly disseminate their summary of the worldwide data proving Ivermectin prescribed for COVID-19 is both safe and effective. A link to share is found HERE. Or cut and paste the image below and share broadly. Thank you.

With the broad government-sponsored censorship designed to suppress the science on Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, and promote the COVID vaccine in defiance of all the scientific evidence of its danger as well as its lack of efficacy, it's important that you each play a role in broadly disseminating this brief summary of the evidence.

Let's pray that those who fostered this censorship and sacrificed lives to push the dangerous vaccine agenda face justice one day.

Lastly, please share with friends and family, and on social media, the promotional video of my medical practice, found HERE. Thanks.

James P. Johnston, D.O.,

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