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Are You Getting Your Parent's Diseases?

I saw a movie recently featuring the son of Clint Eastwood. I don't even remember his name, but clearly he was the son of Clint Eastwood! And he was a pretty good actor too!

Like it or not, we tend to look like our parents and grandparents.

Like it or not, we tend to get their diseases around the age they got their diseases.

Have no fear, there are things we can do about that! And I'm not talking about medicine. Once medicine becomes needful, you're almost too late for an amazing turnaround on supplements alone. We have to think proactively about personal healthcare, instead of always be thinking about crisis management and resolving symptoms. I'm talking about natural remedies and supplements to lower the risk of acquiring your parents' and grandparents' disease.

Don't just buy supplements on a whim! I had a patient I saw recently in her home who had practically her body weight in supplements in baskets! What a waste of money! She only took about a tenth of them daily, and still was on an intolerable handful of pills. What I found most said is that she was NOT on the one supplement I judged to be the most helpful to her! Stop buying supplements based on how pretty the packaging is or who your neighbor or friend found helpful.

To keep from wasting money on needless supplements, I recommend targeting not just your symptoms but your family history with supplements designed to reduce your risk for the diseases your at risk for. Just because we have our parents and grandparents genes that doesn't mean that it is inevitable that we get their diseases. Or even if it is inevitable we get their diseases, it can happen when you're middle aged at 50, or when you're 80! The difference is the choices you make now. There are many environmental factors and personal health decisions you can make to lower your risk, besides just keeping your weight down and exercising regularly.

And please don't take handfuls of pills every day on a whim! It's not loving to your body. You can take the time to educate yourself on useful supplements for given symptoms or for what you're at risk for in your family history, or you can trust us to do the research for you. We've done it! And we think all our patients would be better off on high quality American-made supplements to resolve many symptoms, and to lower the risk of chronic diseases in your family history.

On my fullscript account, I ensure the companies are legit and American-made, and I offer a 25% off retail cost for my patients. You'll have to sign in to access these protocols.

Here are my supplement Protocols, to treat active symptoms and disease, and to lower your risk for diseases in your family history:

High Blood Pressure & Heart Disease Protocol (FYI, blood pressure averaging greater than 140 upper number or 90 lower number at least doubles your risk of heart attacks and strokes.)

High Cholesterol, Heart Attacks, & Strokes Protocol (FYI, an LDL of 160, as a general rule, triples your risk of heart attacks and strokes compared to an LDL of 70.)

Neurodegenerative Disease Protocol (Like Alzheimers or Parkisons, or post-COVID "brain fog").

Skin Disease Protocol (For skin diseases, like chronic acne, chronic skin abcesses, eczema, or troublesome scarring.)

MTHFR Support protocol. If you're homozygous for the MTHRF mutation, you should be on name brand Metanx/Deplin/Cerefolin NAC in my opinion, as well as these supplements. But if you're heterozygous, to reduce your risk of symptoms, I recommend these supplements.

For COVID-19 treatment, either for acute therapy treatment, Long Haul COVID treatment, or those at risk for negative outcomes from COVID and wishing a prophylactic course of supplements that would protect against COVID should they come down with it, check out my COVID-19 Supplement Protocol. Additionally, for patients with chronic neurologically-regulated symptoms post-COVID, such as loss of taste or smell, brain fog, numbness in extremities, tinnitis, skin pain, depression, anxiety, palpitations, or abdominal bloating and weight loss, I recommend name brand Metanx, Deplin, or Cerefolin NAC, depending on those symptoms. Make an appointment with me for access to this important prescription.

You'll have to sign in to my fullscript account to access these supplement protocols. I offer a 25% off retail cost for patients. I do recommend at least a one-year trial of this supplement protocol. Don't just go on them for a month and then give up. Remember the parable of the Hare and the Turtle. Be the turtle that makes one step at a time day after day, not the hare that sprints but loses the race because he naps in the shade. It takes commitment to turn around your chronic diseases, and to reduce your risk of acquiring the chronic diseases in your family history.

We love to promote natural remedies for healthcare problems at Your Home Medical Care. Join our family practice and make an appointment for personalized suggestions, or if you're not local to Charlotte, North Carolina, order a "One-Time Consult" on our website. On Monday or Thursday, you can pick Dr. Johnston or his Nurse Practitioner Kaitlyn Barnett for an appointment. Kaitlyn has much more skills in homeopathy than your average medical provider. Additionally, she is skilled in Dutch testing for hormone deficiencies, and is an excellent choice for women needing hormonal support.

Respectfully submitted,

James P. Johnston, D.O.

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