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"Dr. Johnston Speaks: Targeting Your Disease Risk with Efficient Use of Supplements"

Have you ever stood in front of the supplement aisle at the pharmacy or grocery store and thought, with all your personal sickness or sickness in your family, what in the world should you buy? Just because you buy hundreds of dollars of vitamins, minerals, essential oils, wands and rocks and homeopathy, whenever you and the kids get sick, it doesn't mean it helps you. And it doesn't mean it was worth how much money you spent!

I have devoted much of my career exploring natural therapies and supplements for diseases, and I have created various protocols for given disease states and risks. My protocols can target disease in your personal history but also your family history. Whether we like it or not, we tend to get our parents or grandparents' diseases. I can help you target your healthcare and minimize your risk with efficient purchase of supplements from trustworthy brands.

I have a personal family history of Alzheimers and Parkinson's in my family, so I have thoroughly studied the cutting edge supplements for these disease. I have also been a student of longevity and genetics in my research for one of my novels! That, and an informative education I received through my chiropractic and naturopathic contacts have equipped me much better than medical school and residency, frankly, to try to treat your disease and reduce your risk.

The goal is not just to get you the right supplements that will improve your health and prolong your life, but to do so with high quality vitamins and minerals from trustworthy brands, and to do so efficiently, without all the wasteful spending. These are the protocols I have developed so far:

Cardio-Protective Protocol

Neurodegenerative Health & Longevity

Bone & Joint Support

Gastrointestinal Support

Prostate & Testosterone Support

Ovarian Wellness

and more! To see my supplement protocols on my fullscript account, click here:

Check out my new supplement line:

Anti-COVID Blend

Respiratory Health Blend

Mushroom Blend

and more.

Purchase here:

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