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NEW Cell Phone Policy for Dr. Johnston & Kaitlyn Barnett

Updated: Mar 25

Hello. I AM GETTING RID OF ONE OF MY PHONE LINES. The number ending -9447 will hereafter be obsolete. The number to contact me for emergencies is 704-604-3445.

I experimented with only using one cell phone during vacation last week, and I loved it. So I'm just sticking with one phone. (If you texted the -9447 number this past week, and I didn't respond, simply send the same text to the -3445 number.)

Some things to remember:

  1. If you call and I don't pick up, I'm with a patient or on the phone. Don't leave a voicemail message. Instead, text me your issue and I will call you back.

  2. It's important to always give your name and date of birth. Sometimes, I have your phone number listed under the husband and the wife, and so it's important to know who exactly I'm talking to.

  3. Also, always give your date of birth and mention any drug allergies you have. Many times I do not have your medical record handy, so giving me your date of birth and mention drug allergies will help me meet your needs much more quickly.

  4. If you are on daily medication long-term like blood pressure medication, heart medication, pain medication, weight loss meds, depression or anxiety medication, etc., don't text me asking for a refill. Instead, go online and make an appointment. In many cases it can just be a phone appointment. I only give refills until labs are due, or until I need to document on the chart how you're doing on the med. So I will need your medical record in front of me and I will need to create a note. It's irresponsible to call in these meds while driving to see patients during the day, without your medical record and without creating a note in the medical record.

  5. One-Time Consults do not get refills from me. A One-Time Consult is for one time. If you'd like a refill on something I prescribed you in the past, order another One-Time Consult and I'll take care of you.

  6. I ignore med refill requests from pharmacies. If you ask for a refill and your pharmacy says they'll fax me asking to refill your meds, please tell them NOT to. Instead, go online and make an appointment.

  7. Please do not text prayer requests (unless they're medical), or links to articles, quotes, memes, etc. We are simply too busy.

  8. Labcorp faxes lab results to me only about 85% of the time for some reason. It's the downside of not having electronic medical records I suppose. (I prefer paper notes as they secure better privacy for you.) If I or Kaitlyn drew your labs and we have not contacted you about the results within 7 days, text me or Kaitlyn and let us know, along with providing your name and date of birth. We'll call Labcorp and get it faxed ASAP.

  9. Do NOT share our personal cell phone numbers please. If someone wants our medical care, do NOT give them my cell phone. Instead, send them to the website and tell them to sign up for our care.

Kaitlyn Barnett, our extraordinary Nurse Practitioner, ONLY handles patient phone calls when she's working, which is Mondays and Thursdays, and only from patients she has seen in their home. So only contact Kaitlyn during her business hours please. If you call her outside of her business hours, she'll probably meet your needs because it's the kind of person it is. But it is unkind to her because she doesn't get paid outside her business hours. She's a wife and a mother and her time with her family is valuable. So please respect that. Outside of her business hours on Mondays and Thursdays, you'll need to call me at 704-604-3445.


James P. Johnston, D.O.

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