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Selenium- Why You Need It!

Selenium has been gaining some mainstream attention lately for it’s ability to reduce the risk of cancer and many other benefits. And for good reason. I’ll tell you why.

But first, what is Selenium? Selenium is a trace mineral that is supposed to be found in our soil (and therefore, our food) that is essential for the proper functioning of our body. Because it is a mineral, our body does not produce it and we must consume it through diet or supplementation. The problem is that most of us are deficient. This is because the selenium content in our soil is little to nothing and still steadily decreasing due to heavy metals, pesticides, toxic fertilizers and other environmental toxins that make absorption of the nutrients in our soil very difficult. This leads to nutrient depletion and we see people, clinically, who are lacking in selenium also lacking in the areas that selenium helps to function. Deficiency in selenium is also an all-cause mortality risk.

So what are some of the major benefits and should we supplement with it?

  1. Selenium is shown to prevent several different cancers from developing.

  2. Selenium is a critical mineral our thyroid needs to produce hormones, it has been successful in lowering thyroid antibodies, it helps make and convert thyroid hormone to the active state, and it helps manage oxidative stress within the thyroid so supplementing with it is great for thyroid health.

  3. Selenium is a key antioxidant for fertility for both men and women. In the right amount, it improves sperm parameters and helps with testicular function for men and supports follicle maturation, egg quality and a healthy pregnancy for women.

  4. Selenium is a major boost to the immune system by helping us produce white blood cells and it is required for production of Glutathione, which is our master antioxidant. It's antioxidant properties also protect immune cells from oxidative stress and decreases inflammation.

  5. Lastly, selenium is crucial for healthy cognitive function. It can boost new neuron formation and reverse cognitive decline.

So the answer is yes. This is one of those supplements we should all be taking.

Before supplementing, please consult with your provider. If you are one of our patients, we are happy to help guide you. You can over supplement, leading to selenium toxicity. 200mcg per day is the recommended dose for most people. Foods that are high in selenium are Brazil nuts (depending on the soil they were grown in), wild seafood like oysters, tuna, sardines, salmon, halibut, shrimp and crab, pastured eggs, and beef liver.

If you would like to grab some great quality, USA made, third party tested Selenium, I have attached both Dr. Johnston’s full script and my own below where you can get 20% off. Rest easy in that the supplement comes straight from the distributor. Happy Monday to all and many blessings for the rest of the week!

Kaitlyn Barnett, FNP-BC

Kaitlyn Barnett's Full Script Account:

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