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Have You Read Dr. Johnston's Latest Book?

It's a World War 2 biography and love story, my tenth book that has been my best selling and best reviewed so far. It's about a 9 year old girl who was confined to a Communist concentration camp in Yugoslavia in the wake of World War 2. Miraculously, she was rescued and survived, immigrated to America, and has been a HERO for unborn children. She is Eva Edl, and is in her late 80's today, yet still remains an icon of the rescue movement to protect children in America.

You can read an excerpt of Eva Edl's biography, entitled SHE LOOKS LIKE MY LITTLE GIRL by clicking HERE. Buy the book HERE. (It is very relevant to the struggle between Texas and the federal government on the southern border right now. Pro-life leaders have much to learn from Gov. Abbott.)

This week only, all purchasers of She Looks Like My Little Girl will receive one of Dr. Johnston's other novels for FREE!

I have a timely URGENT PRAYER REQUEST for Eva. She presently faces a major court battle for her freedom. Learn more by clicking HERE.


James P. Johnston, D.O.


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