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Medical "Miracle" with Dr. J Stem Cell Infusion

You're not going to believe this!

Several months ago, Dr. Johnston, who works part-time at the Carolina Stem Cell Institute in Charlotte, did an IV mesenchymal stem cell infusion on Sandy Biggs. If you're not familiar with mesenchymal stem cell therapy, these stem cells are obtained from donor placentas and donor umbilical cords. Sandy's recovery from blindness, from

insulin-dependence, and from end-stage kidney disease was nothing short of miraculous! Although Sandy's recovery is not typical, in this powerful testimonial video, he shares his experience of receiving mesenchymal stem cell treatment and his story offers hope for those who may be feeling like there are no options left for their chronic disease. Sandy had been blind for 19 years and experienced full recovery after his infusion and has 20/20 vision! He was on dialysis and his kidneys hadn't made urine in a year! Now he's peeing again. He was an insulin-dependent diabetic and now he's insulin-free! Watch this testimonial video and hear from Sandy about his life-changing experience with this innovative treatment. Sign up for your intra-articular or IV transfusion of this cutting-edge treatment by contacting the Carolina Stem Cell Institute.


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I so wish there was someone like you down here in Charleston! I think I woulet travel up to NC to see you!

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Hello! I do provide care to patients all over the country via telemedicine. Just sign up on my website and I'll take care of you.

James P. Johnston, D.O.,

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